A Day of Raw Food Cuisine in Thailand

Join me for a day of Outrageous Joy Raw Food cuisine at The Spa Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Scooter Ride Through Thai Countryside

Join me for a scooter ride through in the countryside outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Water… A Reminder of New Birth

I invite you today to use water as a reminder that each and every moment is an opportunity for a new start, a new beginning, a new birth.

Meditation In Thailand

What are ways that you touch the stillness, silence, and joy inside of you?

Yoga In Thailand

What is the place where you experience that body, mind, spirit connection?  Is it through yoga, walking on the beach, running, Thai Chi?  What is the place where you are […]

Raw Cashew Cream Sauce Over Noodles Three Ways

This is one of my favorite raw food recipes and a staple during my week.  It is also a sure winner no matter who you are having over for dinner.  Raw foodists and non-raw alike love this dish.  And if you have left over cream sauce, you might just find yourself looking for more ways to enjoy it.  I’ve been known dip grapes in it the next day for breakfast.  Yum! […]

Arugula Blueberry Salad

This is a surprisingly delicious salad that is super simple to make and full of nutritional value. […]

Watermelon Wow!

This is a delicious and refreshing healthy summertime drink.  Dress it up or dress it down, in either case, it is a sure winner. […]

Raw Pumpkin Seed Basil Pesto

Raw Pumpkin Seed Basil Pesto is super quick and easy to make – like all my raw food recipes :)  If you prefer, the pumpkin seeds can be replaced with almonds, walnuts, pinenuts or my favorite – pistachios. Give this raw food recipe a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

To learn how to make raw cucumber noodles check out my video on Cucumber Noodles with tomato, basil and capers. 

Raw Almond Cinnamon Balls

Want a Raw Food treat to rival a Cinnabun? This is it!  These Raw Almond Cinnamon Balls, especially when served with the Vanilla Cream Sauce, are super simple to make, super delicious and, at the same time, are packed with power. They are always a hit with everyone whether or not they eat a raw food diet.

EnjoyRaw Almond Cinnamon Balls for breakfast, dessert or for an afternoon power snack.  This recipe yields about 15-20 balls, but it can easily be doubled to make more.