Gray basket with red tomatoesFood changes our performance on every level – cognitively, athletically, professionally and personally.

If we want to live a BIG life – the kind of life we dream about – it requires BIG energy, and I have found no greater tool to infuse my body with ridiculous amounts of energy than gorgeous, delicious, high quality, organic whole foods.  Our bodies are meant to run like a Formula One race car, and yet, if we feed them cheap low octane fuel, they won’t run much better than the Ford Falcon I learned to drive in 1972.

I have become an avid student of nutrition and have come to understand the power of the phrase that JJ Virgin coined – that our bodies are a “chemistry lab, not a bank account”.  I’ve become fascinated with our biochemistry and how food – as well as water, sleep, exercise, and supplements – all impact our performance. I’ve become passionate about understanding, not just how to feel good, but about how to perform optimally in every aspect of life.

This is an ongoing learning process.  Honestly, I am continually tweaking my nutrition, supplements, workout and daily routine to find what works best for me. What I promise to bring you here is everything I’m learning to support you in gaining optimal performance for creating a Life. Well. Lived.

One Note… you and I may have met though my raw food videos, classes, posts or books.  Although I am no longer a raw vegan, I continue to recognize and support the value of incorporating gorgeous, delicious, organic raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts into one’s diet.  For that reason, I have continued to make my raw food videos and posts available here as I believe they offer lots of value for everyone. One significant change I have made in my own diet has been to significantly reduce the amount of sugar. In my raw food recipes, sugar shows up as Agave, Maple Syrup and high glycemic fruits.  Because I believe everyone can benefit from less sugar in their diet, when appropriate, I have offered lower glycemic options to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.

I invite you to check out the recipes, give them a try and ENJOY!