45633_1497830200569_1716544_nFun is an essential part of the Life. Well. Lived. formula.

There are lots of different ways to have fun and we each have our favorite.  The version of fun isn’t as important as finding time for it each day.

I believe a day isn’t complete without a good belly laugh.  It nourishes our souls and causes our endorphins to kick in.  No one knows this more than Norman Cousins, thought to be the modern father of laughter therapy.  Cousins was diagnosed with a very painful, life-threatening form of arthritis. When traditional medicine failed to relieve his pain, Cousins left the hospital, checked into a hotel, and watched Marx Brothers films and TV sitcoms, finding that 10 minutes of “belly laughter” allowed him two hours of pain-free sleep. He eventually recovered and went on to write a series of best-selling books on laughter and healing.

So to encourage your fun and maybe your healing through more belly laughs and big smiles, I’ve posted some of my favorite videos here that are guaranteed to make you smile or laugh every time.  And there are some videos that might bring a tear to your eye, but will leave you smiling in your heart at the goodness there is in this world.

Enjoy, smile, laugh, maybe cry… but most of all, have FUN.