CDR_08162013_0901 PamI believe fitness changes our perspective.

When I set out on my fitness journey, that’s not what I expected to discover, but its what I have come to know and understand in a profound way.

Fitness shows us that we can set a goal and achieve it, it invites us to challenge our limits and break through them, it teaches us the power of persistence and the rewards of discipline, it gives us more energy, increases our productivity, improves our mental focus, and enables us to be more present with the ones we love.  And oh ya, it increases our self-confidence as we begin to look and feel better – both in and out of our clothes :)

All of this changes our perspective on who we are and what we’re capable of.  That change in perspective influences all the other areas of our life – soon we may find ourselves setting new financial goals we had previously only imagined in our wildest dreams, or reaching for a new career goal we once thought was only possible for the ‘extraordinary’, or choosing healthier relationships because we finally feel ‘worth it’.  Fitness changes our perspective… and changing our perspective changes everything.

Whether your version of fitness is yoga, running, lifting, cross fit, cycling, surfing, hiking or ultimate Frisbee – YAY! You’re doing it! You are shifting your perspective.

The posts in this section are designed to inspire you toward your fitness goals.  I’ll be sharing my fitness journey – my workouts, my challenges and the things I learn along the way.


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