30 Days Raw – Day 25 and Feeling Alive

Today’s Observations
I’ve just completed day 25 and I am still feeling really good with really high energy.  My mental clarity is one of the biggest changes I have noticed.  Live […]

30 Days Raw – Day 24: Technological Challenges

Today’s Observations
I flew back home to Laguna Beach today from my parent’s house in Castle Rock.  As it turned out, the most challenging part of my visit was not eating […]

30 Days Raw – Day 23: The Greatest Love of All

Today’s Observations
I’ve had that Whitney Houston song stuck in my head all day…

The greatest love of all is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all inside of me…..
If I […]

30 Days Raw – Day 22: Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Eating Raw

Today’s Observations
I find that some people are downright dumbfounded by my “diet”.  My aunt who was visiting for my Dad’s birthday, kept commenting on all the things I couldn’t eat […]

30 Days Raw – Day 21: A Lesson In Giving

Today’s Observations
Today was my Dad’s much anticipated 80th birthday party.  It was the kind of humble celebration that one would expect in this small rural town.  Card tables set up […]

30 Days Raw – Day 20: Surrrprise, Surrrprise, Surrrprise

Today’s Observations
I have always been struck by how delicious raw food is.  When I first went raw, that was the thing that surprised me most – it was actually really, really good.  I […]

30 Days Raw – Day 19: I Am WAY Too Happy

Today’s Observations
I am way too happy.  Like giddy kind of happy.  Like if-I-were-you-I’d-be-suspicious kind of happy.  I don’t know what is going on with this food I am eating, […]

30 Days Raw – Day 18: The Raw Traveler

Today’s Observations
I’m preparing to fly to my parent’s house tomorrow in Castle Rock, Washington for my Dad’s 80th birthday party.  I will be gone for four days, and I expect […]

30 Days Raw – Day 17: Autumn… Acceptance & Anticipation

Today’s Observations
Today is the first day of Autumn.  Although we don’t have the dramatic changing of the seasons here in SoCal that I experienced when I lived in Boston, I […]

30 Days Raw – Day 16: New Skin Suit

Today’s Observations
Today I treated myself to a far infrared sauna.  If you’ve never had one of these things, you have got to try it.  Infrared sauna is mentioned in a […]