Today’s Observations
I find that some people are downright dumbfounded by my “diet”.  My aunt who was visiting for my Dad’s birthday, kept commenting on all the things I couldn’t eat – “You mean you can’t eat bread?  How do you live without bread?…  The birthday cake was delicious.  Oh, but I guess you can’t have that…. You can’t have yogurt?  But isn’t that supposed to be good for you?”  I don’t really think about eating raw in terms of all the things I “can’t” eat (no one is forcing me to do this) – rather, the way I think about it is that I choose to eat anything I want... as long as it is fruits or vegetables, seeds or nuts, that are not heated above 118 degrees.  The truth is, the possibilities are endless, creative, gorgeous and flavorful.  Here are my Top Ten reasons why I love eating raw.

  1. The feel fantastic.
  2. The food is delicious.
  3. The food is gorgeous.
  4. I never have indigestion.
  5. Clean up is EASY.
  6. Preparation is EASY.
  7. I have boundless energy.
  8. I get to eat avocados everyday :)
  9. I don’t ever have to think about the amount I eat.
  10. The food is fun!

Today’s Menu
Fruit Salad for breakfast
Watermelon Gazpacho for lunch
Snacks – banana, pear, apple, Lara Bars
Fruit Salad for dinner

Today’s New Recipe
Well I have to admit, that I did not make a new recipe today.  But I did discover a fabulous new raw treat that I want to tell you about – LARA Bars.  Wow!  Really Yummy.  They are really moist and very flavorful.  All they have in them is dates, nuts, in most cases coconut, and other flavors like cinnamon or lime.  The flavor I had today was Coconut.  I have a couple other bars to try – Cinnamon Roll and Key Lime Pie.  I’m looking forward to it.  These get 4+ Yums on my Yum scale :)

Today’s Affirmation
I joyously choose to feed my body and soul with food that fills me with boundless energy, knowing that Big Energy = Big Life.