Today’s Observations
I have always been struck by how delicious raw food is.  When I first went raw, that was the thing that surprised me most – it was actually really, really good.  I would follow a recipe and thow a bunch of things in my blender, and was just blown away by the aromas and the flavors.  When I’ve invited friends for dinner and fed them a raw meal, this is always the theme – suprise at how good it tastes.  In fact, I made a raw meal recently for some friends from Texas – the land of steer and oil, where I would think you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with cucumber noodles on your plate – and now these gals are hosting thier own raw dinner party.   I love that.  This has been my experience for the past year and a half.  I don’t know why I found it surprising then, when my mom reached over with her spoon at lunch today to sneak a taste of my watermelon gazpacho… and actually liked it.  I mean, she said it out loud, and then came back for a second taste and said it again – “That is really good…. it is so flavorful!  Wow!”.  My brother followed suit, and even requested his own serving.  Now everyone else was eating chicken salad sadwiches, on large fluffy croisants, with fresh tomatoes slices.  Not a bad meal by any standard.  But it is interesting to me that fresh raw flavorful food has become such an exception in our culture, that it would be seen as unique and unusual… and surprising.  As for me, I was happy to be eating watermelon soup, but most of all, I was happy to be enjoying it sitting next to my Mom, and surrounded by my family.

Today’s Menu
Fruit salad of apples, nactarines, and bananas for breakfast
Pam’s Simple Watermelon Gazpacho for lunch
Snacks – bananas, raisens, peacans
Cucumber noodles with Basil Pesto for dinner

Today’s New Recipe
I have made a watermelon gazpacho in the past that I really enjoy, so when my brother, aunt, mom, and I were elbow deep in watermelon this morning (prepping for my dad’s birthday party), I thought that would be a great thing to have for lunch.  The version I share below is my own “on the road’ creation.  Basically I started with the watermelon puree, and then threw in whatever veggies I could find.  It made for a simple, yet delicious soup.

Pam’s Simple Watermelon Gazpacho (4 Yums)
2 cups of pureed watermelon (in the blender)
2 medium tomatoes, diced
1/4  cup celery, diced
1/4 cup red pepper, diced
1/4 cup onion, diced
salt and pepper to taste

Today’s Affirmation
I am grateful for the precious gifts of family, friends, and food.