Some Like It Hot

Some like it hot… and I’m becoming one of them!

For the past three weeks I have been a faithful attendee of the 6AM hot yoga class at the Bikram Yoga Studio in Irvine, CA.  I had done a bit of Bikram Yoga this past summer, so I knew what to expect – 26 postures, each repeated twice, in a very specific sequence, bookended by two different breathing exercises, over the course of 90 minutes.  Oh, and the room is heated to 105 degrees and set at 40% humidity… Ya, I know, that’s what I thought at first too.  […]

Yoga In Thailand

What is the place where you experience that body, mind, spirit connection?  Is it through yoga, walking on the beach, running, Thai Chi?  What is the place where you are […]

34 Sun Salutations on Day 34

Today’s Observations
My yoga teacher (Kori Stroble) is celebrating her 34th birthday and invited her students to join her tonight for a special yoga practice.  The core of the practice was 34 sun salutations in honor of each year of her life. It had been a looong time since I had been in a yoga class and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous going into this one.  As we sat in meditation at the beginning of the class, and I thought about my intention for the two hours that lie ahead, I realized that this was also my 34th day of being 100% raw.  Wow! The Universe blows me away with this stuff.  And how appropriate it was that I was celebrating it doing yoga with Kori because it was in January 2008, when I participated in a small intention group with Kori and a few of her students, that I first went raw and set an intention for my journey… […]

30 Days Raw – Day 11: Becoming Reacquainted with My Yoga Mat

Today’s Observations
Today was the first day I tried my new morning routine.  I got up at 5:30 (the key is to NOT hit the snooze button), took a shower, reminded […]