The Spa Resort

An Outward Journey For An Inward Purpose: The Things I Learned In Thailand

Mary Morrissey has described a pilgrimage is an outward journey for an inward purpose.  That truly captures the intention for my self-made spiritual pilgrimage to Thailand.

In coming to Thailand, I set as my intention to learn what it had to teach me… about God, others, my Self, and my contribution to the world.   Here are some of the things I have learned… and re-learned… […]

A Day of Raw Food Cuisine in Thailand

Join me for a day of Outrageous Joy Raw Food cuisine at The Spa Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Scooter Ride Through Thai Countryside

Join me for a scooter ride through in the countryside outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Water… A Reminder of New Birth

I invite you today to use water as a reminder that each and every moment is an opportunity for a new start, a new beginning, a new birth.

Yoga In Thailand

What is the place where you experience that body, mind, spirit connection?  Is it through yoga, walking on the beach, running, Thai Chi?  What is the place where you are […]

YOU… Squared!

This summer, I spent a lot of time reading, writing and reflecting.  One of the most influential books I read is just 36 pages long, but is power packed with wisdom, insight and motivation.  It’s called You Squared by Price Pritchett.  It is basically an instruction manual for taking a quantum leap in your life.  Pritchett says that we don’t have to be content with incremental, gradual change through the application of hard work.  Rather, we are capable of an explosive jump in performance at an accelerated rate, AND it requires less effort.  Interested?  Ya, me too.  Here is a summary of the big ideas in this incredible little book. […]