The Last Authentic Human Freedom

Viktor Frankl – psychiatrist, holocaust survivor, and author of Man’s Search for Meaning, is the founder of logotherapy, the idea that we shape our experience based on the ideas we hold about that experience.

While in a concentration camp, after his entire family had been murdered, Viktor Frankl wrote a manuscript, which he hid in a secret place. […]


Nothing gets our joy on faster than gratitude. That’s because gratitude shifts our perspective, it shifts our focus, and that shifts our feelings and attitude.  When our feelings and attitude shift, that shifts our vibration, which means that not only do we see and experience things from a new perspective, we also begin to attract a whole different set of experiences to us.  Wallace Wattles had some amazing things to say about gratitude in his powerful little book, The Science of Getting Rich. Listen to this… […]

An Outward Journey For An Inward Purpose: The Things I Learned In Thailand

Mary Morrissey has described a pilgrimage is an outward journey for an inward purpose.  That truly captures the intention for my self-made spiritual pilgrimage to Thailand.

In coming to Thailand, I set as my intention to learn what it had to teach me… about God, others, my Self, and my contribution to the world.   Here are some of the things I have learned… and re-learned… […]

Gratitude On A Country Road

This morning, I took a walk down a country road…. that’s sort of all they have up here in Castle Rock, WA.  For 30 minutes I didn’t see another soul, […]