I took a quantum leap today – literally and figuratively.  I jumped out of a plane from 10,000 feet! This is something I said I would never do… until this year.  This year, I set as an intention to do those things I have been afraid to do in the past, because I know in doing them, it will empower me to face any fear that may stand in my way.  This week I have been reading a book called “you squared”, which talks about the ‘peculiar’ strategy for making a quantum leap in your life – an ‘explosive jump’ in your personal performance that puts you far beyond the next logical step.  One of those strategies is to get uncomfortable.  A quantum leap hurls you out of your comfort zone.  But if you are willing to get uncomfortable, and do the thing you fear, death of fear is certain.  An interesting observation is, as soon as I made the decision to do the jump, my fear was gone… completely, and it was replaced with over-the-top excitement, anticipation, and joy.  My skydive experience today was the most exhilarating experience of my life.  I can’t remember ever having a bigger smile on my face.  I guess that is testament enough to the power of facing our fears.