Today, my parents’ whole world changed.  Today we installed high speed internet and a wireless router at my parents’ home to compliment the iMac I gave them for their anniversary. (some sort of celebratory music is supposed to play at this point)

To date, my parents have only known the world of dial-up – which teaches one a lot about patience, but that’s about it.  For the most part, they have used their computer as a typewriter to write their life stories with the added benefit of the ability to send emails.  Much to my horror, I’ve recently discovered that my Mom has a bad habit of typing something on the computer, printing it out, and then deleting the word doc – Moooommmm!  Hopefully I will break her of that habit while I am staying with them.   Up until now, they have not been able to download attachments, watch my raw food how-to videos, skype with my nephew in Italy, view family photos on facebook, or use the phone while on the computer.  But by tonight, I had them set up on gmail, Facebook, and Skype… And I even set my Dad up with a Lawrence Welk station on Pandora!  My Dad’s eyes were like saucers when we practiced Skyping from adjoining rooms.  By the end of the evening, my 82 year old Dad was sending his handle to the relatives and encouraging them to get on Skype too.

Up until this point, my folks said they didn’t need high speed, that dial-up was ‘good enough’.  But sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.  Then when we get a taste of something better, something bigger, something more expansive than we have known before, we can’t believe that we lived outside of that knowing and that experience for so long.  We have the opportunity each day to choose dial-up or high speed.  To choose the life we have known, or to open up to an ever freer, fuller more expanded and alive experience and expression of our self.  We have the opportunity to choose to live a life that is ‘good enough’ or to step fully into all the magnificence this life has to offer. What is calling you today?  Where in your life are you being invited to move from dial-up to high-speed?  Where in your life are you being pulled to something more?  Where are you being called to step into magnificence?