Recommended Raw Food Books

Check out this review of my top 5 recommended raw food preparation books.

Simple Steps to Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

If you want to find out what fruits and vegetables are in season in your part of the United States, there is a great tool made available by Just […]

Pasta With The Preacher

Pasta With The Preacher is an annual dinner tradition at my church, full of friendly conversation, belly-laugh entertainment, and plenty of pasta.  This year, things were different.  Alongside the veggie lasagna oozing with cheese and the carnivore version of the same, was a raw food option – Cucumber Noodles with Cashew Cream Sauce sprinkled with capers and parsley.   WHAT? […]

Food Combining for Perfect Health

Deepak Chopra, in his classic book Perfect Heath, says that perfect health begins with perfect digestion. When I first read his book in 1995, this idea was transformational for me. Upon reflection however, I realized that I had experienced perfect digestion ten years earlier when I began properly combining my food after reading a popular diet book at the time called, Fit For Life. When I changed my diet and starting paying attention to proper food combining, eating only fruit until noon and not combining proteins and complex carbohydrates, I immediately lost weight and felt more energy. […]

Giving Thanks… In The Raw

Thanksgiving can be a time to celebrate being Raw…  and introduce the rest of the family to some delicious, gorgeous raw treats.  These are some of my absolute favorites.  Try them out this Thanksgiving and let me know what you think.   […]

The Amazing Power of Raw Food

If you want to experience ridiculous amounts of energy, crystal clear mental clarity, more creativity and outrageous joy, raw food is the way to do it.  I went raw about three years ago now, and experienced a radical shift in my overall health and well-being.  I lost 10 lbs within a month and 20 lbs within 6 months, my energy went through the roof, and the abnormal cells that the doctor had discovered were gone. Besides that, my hot flashes disappeared, I require less sleep, and I found a deeper Spiritual connection. […]

Green for the Holidays… Smoothie that is!

Today’s Observation
I’m going green for the Holidays – Green Smoothies that is.  I’ve been 100% raw for 3 months and now it just feels like a given.  OK, I did […]

A Promise and the Reasons to Believe

Today’s Observations
I recently participated in a marketing meeting at an organization I’m involved with.  To get at our core message, we asked ourselves these questions – What is the promise? and What are the reasons to believe that promise? Great questions.

I was thinking about these questions as they relate to raw foods.  What is the promise of raw foods? And what are the reasons to believe?  Without question, for me the promise of raw foods is simple –  Ridiculous energy that fuels a life of outrageous joy. […]

34 Sun Salutations on Day 34

Today’s Observations
My yoga teacher (Kori Stroble) is celebrating her 34th birthday and invited her students to join her tonight for a special yoga practice.  The core of the practice was 34 sun salutations in honor of each year of her life. It had been a looong time since I had been in a yoga class and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous going into this one.  As we sat in meditation at the beginning of the class, and I thought about my intention for the two hours that lie ahead, I realized that this was also my 34th day of being 100% raw.  Wow! The Universe blows me away with this stuff.  And how appropriate it was that I was celebrating it doing yoga with Kori because it was in January 2008, when I participated in a small intention group with Kori and a few of her students, that I first went raw and set an intention for my journey… […]

30 Days Raw – Day 29: Lessons from a Shih Tzu

Today’s Observations
For the past three days, I have had the pleasure of taking care of my friend Charisse’s Shih Tzu – Phoebe.  Besides being just about the cutest darn thing […]