Today’s Observations

It’s 1:30 AM and I got up at 6AM yesterday morning.  I guess that’s a testament to the energy available to me through raw foods.  I’m at the end of Day 5.  I’ve tried 3 new recipes.  Lost 3 pounds.  And am getting back in the raw groove.  Here is what today’s raw line-up looked like:


Today’s Menu

Coconut. Mango, Raspberry smoothie for breakfast (one of my favorites)

Olive and sun dried tomato pesto over cucumber noodles for lunch

Snacks – apple, avocado, nuts, and fresh frozen fruit soft serve from The Stand :)

An experiment that was sort of a disaster for dinner… more on that next.


Today’s New Recipe – Almond Milk

So, I’ve never actually made nut milk from scratch.  I’ve made it the quick and easy way – throw a couple tablespoons of almond butter in a blender with some water and whip it up (I highly recommend this method BTW).  But I’ve never done the soaking, then blending, then straining thing.  Mostly because, as many of you know, if i can’t make it in 10 minutes, i don’t make it, and this just seemed like too much work.  But I thought I’d give it a try, and I’m glad I did, although I’m not sure I’ll do it again.  Mostly because… I didn’t like the taste.  Maybe the almonds were too old, or maybe I just need a different recipe, but it seemed like a lot of work for something I really didn’t like that much.

After making the nut milk, I proceeded to make a smoothie that I’ve made before and liked – the Bunny Spice smoothie from the Raw Food Real World book (my favorite).  But the whole thing just did not work.  I ended up adding cocoa to my smoothie, a few more frozen bananas and some cayenne to try to ‘fix’ it.  It helped, but still was not something I would make again.  (Although it did give me an idea for a smoothie in the future with coconut, frozen banana, cocoa powder and cayenne. Maybe we can call it “Chocolate Spice”.)  In any case, below is the nut milk recipe I tried, with my notes on what i would do differently, should I ever try this again.  If anyone has a nut milk recipe you really like, please pass it along.

NOTE:  I plan to give each recipe a ‘Yum’ rating.  There is a possible total of 5 Yums :)


Almond Milk (Yum 1-)

1 cup almonds, soaked for 4-6 hours

4 cups water

1/4 cup agave nectar

pinch of salt

1 teaspoon vanilla (this was too strong.  I would leave it out next time.)

2 tablespoons coconut oil (this was also too strong.  I would leave it out next time)

I also did not have a nut bag or cheesecloth to strain the milk, so I used my french press coffee press to filter the milk and it actually worked great.


Bonus Recipe

Since today’s recipe did not land on the favorite’s list, I thought I’d share the Potato Salad recipe from day 4.    This is my modified version of the recipe in Everyday Raw. Enjoy!


Potato Salad ( 4 Yums)

2 cups jicama

1/4 cup yellow or red pepper

1/4 cup celery ( i used one stalk)

1 Tablespoon rosemary (i didn’t have so i left it out)

2 Tablespoons green olives (didn’t have so left it out)

1/4 avocado, diced or mashed (your preference)

1/4 – 1/2 cup red onion


Potato Salad Dressing

2 Tablespoons Tahini

1/4 Teaspoon cumin

11/2 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 Tablespoons water

2 teaspoons fresh parsley

1/4 teaspoon nama shoyu (soy sauce)

1/4 teaspoon agave

pinch salt

pinch chili powder

2-4 Tablespoons dijon mustard (i added this.  What is potato salad without mustard??)

Blend in a blender until smooth.  It will still be kind of thick.

Mix everything together and enjoy.  Its supposed to make 2 servings, but I ate the whole thing!


Today’s Affirmation

I embrace life’s debacles as an opportunity to learn and get up and try again.