30 Days Raw

30 Days Raw – Day 8 and Feeling Great

Today’s Observations
It’s 8:30 PM and I’ve been going non-stop since 7:30 this morning, including a 10 mile bike ride… with no dip in energy and, in fact, with energy to […]

30 Days Raw – Day 7: End of Week One

Today’s Observation
Today is the end of week one, and I am feeling clear headed and happy.  I woke up this morning with no headache, so I guess the big glass […]

30 Days Raw – Day 6: Happy Joints

Today’s Observations

One of the things I’m noticing today is that my joints are not achy… like, at all. When I eat less raw and more wheat in particular, my joints […]

30 Days Raw – Day 5: The Almond Milk Debacle

Today’s Observations

It’s 1:30 AM and I got up at 6AM yesterday morning.  I guess that’s a testament to the energy available to me through raw foods.  I’m at the end of Day 5.  I’ve tried 3 new recipes.  Lost 3 pounds.  And am getting back in the raw […]

30 Days Raw – A Confession and a Commitment

I’m not sure why, but I seriously fell off the raw wagon. It’s been gradual over the past five months, but then I seriously fell off right after teaching a […]